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We’re Medigap & More and we are Proudly Serving America’s Greatest Generation!!

After assisting thousands of clients over nearly a decade of service, we’re confident in our ability to provide expert guideance, advice and service.

Many of today’s seniors are completely overwhelmed with turning 65 and going on to Medicare.

They are being inundated with mailers from insurance companies and insurance agents trying to sell Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Products, Prescription Drug Coverage, Life Insurance, Annuities, etc, etc, etc!!!

We Make Medicare And Medicare Supplements Simple

We specialize in Medicare Supplement education and solutions and we offer a wide range of options from over 20 of the nation’s top-rated carriers to help you find the best option for your needs.

It’s important to understand the choices and options that are available to you and how they can affect your health and budget.

We provide totally unbiased advice and assistance regarding selecting a Medicare Supplement plan by scouring the market for you.

Our service is absolutely FREE, 100% guaranteed and can save you thousands of dollars.

Our clients want to know what their options are and the “how and why” one product or company is preferable over another.

Our Approach Is Direct

Our approach is purely educational, ensuring our clients understand what their options are to supplement what Medicare does not cover.

At Medigap & More, we are Educators and Advisors first and foremost.

We sincerely believe that it’s our responsibility to provide all of the information necessary for you to make a fully informed decision when it comes to the Medicare Supplement coverage that is appropriate for your unique situation and needs.

We realize how confusing the Medicare process can be and we’re here to help.

Learning about Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) doesn’t have to be complex or difficult.

Our Objective Is Simple

Our goal is to simplify what can seem like a very confusing issue and provide you with all the information that you need in order to make the best, fully informed decision regarding your Medigap coverage.

Once we have answered all of your questions and discussed your options, we work with you and advise you to help you determine which Medigap Plan is best for you based on your unique situation, needs, and budget.

We’ll even work with you to facilitate and simplify your Medicare Supplement application process.

Every consultation is free of charge and 100% guaranteed!

Why Choose Us?


Medigap & More Is An Insurance Brokerage

That means that we have access to over 20 of the top rated Medicare Supplement Insurance Carriers in the nation.

That gives us the ability to provide totally unbiased information and make recommendations based on what is best for YOU, the client.

We are not a captive agent with limited access to carriers or an insurance company employee loyal to any employer.

Our Loyalty Lies With You, NOT Any Insurance Company

When speaking with an advisor at Medigap & More, you can be sure that you will receive a totally unbiased recommendation based on what is best for you based on your uniques situation and needs.

We’re here to help and look forward to speaking with you!!

We make Medicare easy!!

Contact us to discuss how we can help meet your unique needs.

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