Medicare 2022 Deductibles & Coinsurance Cost at a Glance



Medicare Part A Pays For Covered Hospital, Skilled-Nursing Facility, And Some Home Health-Care Services For Each Benefit Period EXCEPT For The Following Deductible And Coinsurance Costs.

2022 Medicare Part A Deductible

For 2021, the Medicare Part A deductible is $1556.00 for EACH 60 day benefit period.

A common misconception is that this is a one time or an annual deductible. It is NOT.

The Part A deductible is based on benefit periods of 60 days.

A benefit period begins the day a beneficiary is admitted as a hospital inpatient and ends when the beneficiary hasn’t received Part A care for 60 consecutive days. This includes hospital inpatient and Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) care.

If you are readmitted to the hospital after a 60 day period you must pay this $1556.00 deductible again.

Two Main Parts Of 2022 Part A Coinsurance

Part A Hospital Coinsurance

You pay this coinsurance in addition to the Part A Deductible.

The 2021 hospital coinsurance you pay per benefit period varies based on the length of your hospital stay.

– 1 through 60 days: $0 coinsurance

– 61 through 90 days: $389 PER DAY coinsurance

– 91 through 150: $778 PER DAY coinsurance

– Beyond 60 lifetime reserve days: 100% of ALL costs

Part A Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance

The 2022 skilled-nursing facility coinsurance you pay per benefit period also varies based on the length of your stay:

– 1 through 20 days: $0 coinsurance

– 20 through 100 days: $194.50 PER DAY coinsurance

– 101 days and beyond: You are responsible for 100% of all costs.

A Physician must certify that you need daily skilled nursing care such as intravenous injections or physical therapy.

You have to have been in the hospital for 3 days.

You must check into the skilled nursing facility within 30 days of discharge from a hospital.

You must be admitted to the skilled nursing facility for the same reason that you were in the hospital.

The skilled nursing facility must be a Medicare-approved facility.

Medicare Part B Deductible And Coinsurance

– Part B deductible of $233 per year in 2022

– Part B Coinsurance of 20%

– Part B Excess Fees of up to 15% of Medicare approve charges

– 20% of physician services while hospital inpatient

– 20% of outpatient care, tests, and supplies

– First 3 pints of blood and 20% of Medicare-approved amount of additional pints

– 20% of the Medicare-approved amount of durable medical equipment

Depending on the Plan that you choose, a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan will eliminate some or all of the Part A & Part B deductibles, coinsurances, excess fees and any other cost not covered by Medicare Part A or Part B.

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