About John & Lauri Ballis

We are client focused professionals, licensed in 32 states, with over a decade of experience serving clients throughout the United States and we represent all Medicare Supplement Plan types.

John & Lauri


John & Lauri
John & Lauri


As a former military professional, John is honored to have served as a member of the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams as an operator at SEAL Team Two in Virginia and as an instructor at Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL, (BUD/S), training in California.


Re-enlistment Day


John’s SEAL Team Trident


We feel blessed to be happily married for 31 years.

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We met while John was stationed in Florida and Lauri was working there as an engineer. Crazy young kids who are still crazy in love today!

Florida 1990


Colorado 2008

Family is very important to us and we’re blessed to have four wonderful children: Connor, Hunter, Kylie and Mitchell.

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